Biological Males In Women’s Sports?

By | August 7, 2021 | 1 Comments

Two  US Olympic gold-medal swimmers. On the left, Caeleb Dressel. On the right, Katie Ledecky. Obviously, both are in peak physical condition, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the Olympics at all, much less gold medalists.

Now look more closely. Look at their right arms. Can you differentiate the biceps, brachialis, and triceps? You can with Dressel. You could use him as an illustration in an anatomy textbook. Ledecky’s arm is also superbly developed, for a woman. But do you really believe a man with that arm would even qualify for the team?

You were saying that it’s fair and equitable to allow biological males to compete against women in sports? You were saying it’s compassionate? To whom? Not to the women who were forced off the medal stands, deprived of the championships they had worked so hard to achieve, and robbed of the scholarships they needed to attend college.

You say, “Follow the science.” Well, there it is in that photo. Are you following it, or ignoring it? As Ayn Rand said, you can ignore reality, but you can’t escape the consequences of ignoring reality. The displaced women athletes can’t escape it, either. Nor can the pregnant women in women’s prisons, when biological males are forced upon them. Nor can the terrified women in abused women’s shelters, when a biological male is put on a cot a few feet from them.

That’s compassionate? That’s liberal? No, that’s ideological fanaticism at the expense of the vulnerable. That’s misogyny on steroids. Literally. What you are saying is, “There’s nothing special about a woman – anybody can be one.”

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