Brits Stranded in Afghanistan After US Bugout

By | October 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

Not just Americans: Dozens of stranded Brits plead for evac from Afghanistan.

Our closest ally? Our partner in Afghanistan and Iraq? Common language and history? Our Constitution based on Magna Carta and English Bill of Rights of 1688? Oh yes, but all that is in the past.

Now we must proclaim our loyalty and devotion to whatever President Biden says today. Tomorrow he may say something else. Who knows, least of all himself? “We’ll stay in Afghanistan until every American and friend who wants to be evacuated is evacuated.” “We’ll be gone completely as of 9/11.” These two statements were incompatible, but no one noticed, least of all himself.

The Brits tend to take promises seriously. They tend to take broken promises very seriously. A British veteran of Afghanistan stood up in Parliament and declared that they could no longer trust America, so an alliance without us might be necessary.

Listen to his bitter words:

In time, the rift with our British cousins will heal. But it will leave a painful scar. Breach of trust always does, in both personal and public life. There will always be that nagging doubt: Will the Yanks bug out on us again?

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