Leave People Behind, Break Trust

By | September 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Former Recon Marine Chad Robichaux evacuated 12,000 friendly Afghans including 3,000 orphans. True, much of this occurred before our ignominious withdrawal. But it did occur, illustrating that many Americans still believe in Leave No One Behind. Regrettably, most of these Americans are enlisted personnel or junior officers, who worked with Afghans personally.

But those with stars on their shoulders, especially three or four stars, tend to be politicians first and warriors second…or third. They tend to agree with civilian authorities, especially the president. They tend to value their careers above their profession, their calling. They may be West Point graduates, but they have forgotten the meaning of “honor violation.”

Loyalty is like an electric circuit. It goes up the organization, but then it must go down again, or the circuit is broken and the lights go out. Those break faith with Americans and friendly Afghans, and leave them behind enemy lines, may be breaking more than they know.

They may be breaking our armed services for a generation. Would you enlist and risk your life to serve under these jerks? Would you stay in, or resign your commission rather than compromise your integrity?


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