What’s Wrong With Democrats In Three Sentences

By | August 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Minneapolis Democrat Party chair writes that setting a police precinct on fire was ‘an act of pure righteousness’

• Oregon Gov. Kate Brown suspends state’s proficiency standards for reading, writing, and math in the name of ‘equity’

• President Biden notes that’s ‘it’s so sad’ that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is resigning because he did ‘a hell of a job’ on everything

You want to describe what’s gone wrong in the Democratic Party? You could write a book. Or you could merely post those three headlines.

Burning down a police station is “pure righteousness.” Apparently when the fire was set, personnel were still inside, but they managed to escape. But what if they had burned to death? Would that have been impure righteousness? Or would it have been the Final Solution to defunding the police?

Standards for reading, writing, and math are in opposition to “equity” and must be abolished. So some minorities score lower on these tests? Then give them extra help. Don’t stop testing to conceal the poor teaching job you are doing. In one school, teachers found that many kids could not read an analog clock. Did they teach the kids? No, they removed the clock.

President Biden actually is correct. Gov. Cuomo did a “hell of a job.” He molested several women. He caused the deaths of thousands of elderly and disabled by forcing nursing homes to take Covid-positive patients. Those actions surely qualify for a “hell of a job,” literally.

Encourage destruction. Discourage education. Praise shameful behavior. What a trifecta!

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