26 FDNY Firehouses Closed, Call For Volunteers

By | November 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

Because of Mayor de Blasio’s vaccine mandate, personnel shortages forced closure of 26 firehouses. Last night a man was killed and a woman seriously injured in a fire. FDNY officials claim there was no delay in response time, but it there were, would they admit it?

Meanwhile, FDNY sent out an email blast to volunteer firefighters throughout New York State. It appealed to qualified volunteer firefighters to come to New York City and replace the absent FDNY personnel. Obviously, volunteer firefighters have less training and experience than FDNY personnel, and in addition are unfamiliar with FDNY firehouses, equipment, procedures, and personnel.

On 9/11, 343 FDNY personnel ran into the Twin Towers and never came out. If that was insufficient to evoke the greatest respect and admiration, what in heaven’s name would? Human beings, especially highly trained ones, are not like auto parts – interchangeable, replaceable, and disposable. They are unique and valuable. We used to know that. As a matter of justice, as well as for our own safety, it is past time we remembered.


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