US Not Exceptional? Then Let’s Do As Our Neighbors Do.

By | September 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

What is the United States of America? Is it merely the area between Canada and Mexico? No national language? No national culture? No national borders? No founding documents? No shared vision? Nothing exceptional? Really? Okay, so let’s be just like our neighbors.

• Canada has a southern border. Canada closed it because of Covid-19. So why can’t the USA have a southern border? Why can’t we control our border as our security requires? You know, just like Canada?

• Mexico requires a photo ID to vote. But not just a driver’s license, a special photo ID obtained from the Federal Electoral Institute. Why can’t we control our elections as our security requires? You know, just like Mexico?

Even if we accept President Obama’s notion that America is not exceptional, there still is no reason that we cannot employ the same security measures as our neighbors do. We’re not exceptional? Fine. Then let’s be just like they are. Those are your words. Now how do you like them?


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