Who Is In Charge Here?

By | January 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

However you feel about Trump or Biden, the key question is: Who is in charge, officials elected by the people, or unelected bureaucrats who feel free to undermine elected officials and rummage through their stuff?

Bureaucrats work for the president, not vice versa. Their manipulations cannot be allowed to determine who can run for president. Raiding Mar-a-Lago impaired Trump’s chances for running again in 2024. Searching Biden’s properties impaired his chances of running again in 2024.
We insist on voting for our favorite candidate, not for the candidate selected by faceless bureaucrats. This is not Iran, where the Supreme Leadership Council selects candidates for “president.” This is not China, where Communist Party leaders are beyond the power of the people to remove. This is a constitutional republic…if we can keep it.
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