Eventually Majority Will Tire Of No-Win Game

By | April 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

Kurt Schlichter hits another one out of the park. Key quote, referencing cop shooting teen about to stab other teen:

And we all know if that punk planted a shiv in the other girl’s gut on the bodycam tape, the cop would be lynched for not stopping her. You can’t win, which is the idea. You can’t have a society where normal people can’t possibly prevail by obeying well-established rules. You’re not wrong because you did something wrong, but because you’re being wrong is handy for the people who hate you.

Schlichter’s point is that such a society is unstable and can’t last. Group A accepts the rules and tries to obey them. Meanwhile, Group B gives rules lip service but does as it pleases – and then blames Group A when things go wrong, as they inevitably will. We can’t know exactly when it will happen. But we do know that eventually, Group A will tire of this no-win game, stand up, and kick over the board. And woe to Group B if it tries to stop them.

Recall Murphy’s Law of Oppression: If you oppress a minority, it’s cruel and immoral. But if you try to oppress the majority, it’s dangerous and self-destructive. What kind of idiots would try to teach the children of the majority that they and their parents are genetically inferior? What kind of morons would go around telling the majority that they’re always in the wrong, no matter what? What kind of imbeciles would not understand that, sooner or later, the majority would wake up?


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