Paranoids and Anti-Paranoids

By | March 29, 2021 | 0 Comments

A paranoid is a person who sees enemies and plots where there are none. But what do you call the opposite – a person who cannot see enemies and plots that actually exist? Na├»ve is too weak. Credulous comes closer. Unwary is still not right. We need a term for anti-paranoid, one who denies danger when it is right in front of his face.

Former CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield stated that he believes the Covid-19 virus leaked from the Wuhan biolab, where research was being conducted on making respiratory viruses more lethal. Redfield merely confirmed what others suspected. Dr Fauci ridiculed this statement. But what could he say? His institute was funding the research – with our tax dollars. Such research can only be called biological warfare research. Why were we funding it at all, much less in China? Biological warfare is forbidden by international agreements.

But forget about the leaky biolab. Imagine that little green men from space sprayed the virus over Wuhan from a flying saucer. Imagine the Chinese Communist regime had nothing to do with the origin of the virus. What do we KNOW happened next?

Communist officials announced the virus was not spread person-to-person, so there was nothing to worry about. This lie was spread by the World Health Organization, which depends on Communist China for funding. The lie was also spread by Dr Fauci, who parroted what the WHO said. This lie allowed the virus to be spread worldwide.

Even worse, the Communist regime allowed tens of thousands of visitors to come to Wuhan for Chinese New Year, and then to return to their homes worldwide. At the same time these planes were spreading their lethal cargo to many nations, flights from Wuhan to other parts of China were banned. This demonstrates that spreading the contagion worldwide was intentional.

Developing a biological warfare agent was in itself a war crime. Spreading it worldwide was another war crime. How the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab is important to know, in order to prevent a recurrence. But we are unlikely to find out. What we do know is that the virus was spread intentionally. Was the intention to infect millions worldwide and weaken Communist China’s enemies? Or was the intention merely to cover up the leak and spare the regime embarrassment? Who knows? Who cares? The result was just as destructive.



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