Surgeon General Criticizes Court. What Next, Forcible Vaccination?

By | November 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

Surgeon General of US Public Health Service Vivek Murthy: Court blocking vaccine mandate would be a setback for public health. As an expert in public health, Dr. Murthy sees that as the overriding necessity. He does not see the Constitution, limited powers, federalism, or freedom itself as of much importance at all.

If I have a stopped up pipe, I call a plumber. I do not call an electrician. I have respect for the knowledge and skill of electricians, but I do not expect them to know much about plumbing. Physicians, we hope, know about their area of medicine. Public health physicians know about the public health area of medicine. We do not expect them to know much about psychology – for example, about the obvious negative effects of prolonged lockdowns and masking. And we do not expect them to know anything at all about constitutional law.

Dr. Murthy may be an superb public health expert. He may be a really nice guy personally. But a high government official criticizing the decision of a US Court of Appeals carries the risk of breeding disrespect for courts in general. From that there is a direct line to the Communist Chinese regime sending soldiers to hold people down and inject them with unwanted vaccine.

An exaggeration? Check out the vaccine proponents writing letters to newspapers. Many of them want forcible vaccination or jailing those who refuse, sometimes with the wish that they die. File under F for Fanatical. Cross-file under T for Totalitarian and I for Inhumane.

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