Administration: Empty Shelves=Economic Success

By | October 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg: Supply Chain Clog Happening In Part Because Biden Has ‘Successfully Guided This Economy’.

In the Soviet Union, the regime routinely made patently absurd, counter-factual pronouncements. It declared that the economy was roaring ahead and would soon surpass America’s, while most citizens lived on the edge of poverty. It declared that excellent housing was available to all, when most citizens lived in tiny apartments with shared kitchens and bathrooms down the hall. It claimed that health care was free for everyone, when Communist Party members were cared for in special clinics while most citizens could barely get an aspirin, not to mention antibiotics.

But no matter how absurd government pronouncements were, people pretended to believe them. They had no choice. We’re not there yet, but we’re well on our way.

Transportation Secretary “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg declares “success” when scores of container ships lie anchored outside the harbors of Los Angeles and Long Beach, waiting days or weeks to be unloaded, while a shortage of truckers creates a bottleneck. If this is “success,” what would failure look like?

The resemblance to the Soviet Union is inescapable. Store shelves are empty, but this is called “economic success,” and a captive media pretend not to notice the blatant contradiction. To say that the media parrot government propaganda is an insult to parrots. These beautiful birds sometimes say things that are appropriate.

We knew a parrot named Larry who squawked “Get the water” when he heard the faucet on the kitchen sink turned on. Larry was closer to reality than the mainstream media. His bird brain was more in tune with the actual situation than all the talking heads and self-anointed “experts.” He surely was more truthful than administration spokesperson “Mayor Pete,” though admittedly that doesn’t say much.

When backed-up container ships and empty shelves equal economic success, even Larry couldn’t find the words to express his dismay.


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