Damar Hamlin Collapsed Because Of…

By | January 9, 2023 | 0 Comments
Damar Hamlin discharged from hospital, home with rehab. Walking, talking, eating normally. Lucky after 9 min. CPR. Waiting for objective analysis of his collapse. Chest blow seems too weak to cause commotio cordis in 24-yr-old. Preexisting heart disease? Vaxx damage? Shhh! Waiting. Waiting.
The Damar Hamlin case is a key indicator of the health of freedom in America. A young athlete collapses and nearly dies on national TV. If those in control succeed in shutting down discussion of this strikingly obvious case, we can conclude that the First Amendment and science itself are in critical condition. Will they be as lucky as Damar Hamlin? Will devoted people give free speech and science CPR? Or will we stand by idly as they expire before our eyes?

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