Prayer Without God, Kissing Without Physical Contact

By | May 6, 2021 | 0 Comments
  • President Biden  proclaims National Day of Prayer that omits the words “God” or “Almighty.” So where should we direct our prayers? To Nature (note capital N)? To Thor? To the Great Cornholio? To nobody in particular?
  • Vice President Harris kisses husband goodbye. Both are wearing masks, both were fully vaccinated, and they are standing outside at an airfield.

Do you see the connection between these two events? Biden proclaims a day of prayer, but lacks confidence to name to Whom prayers should be directed. Not to Jesus, not to the Christian God, not to the Judeo-Christian God, not to the One God, not to Hindu gods, not to any gods at all. Just pray, as in, “I wish I get a raise.” How inspiring and uplifting is that?

And then we have the Vice President and the Second Gentleman “kissing,” but through two masks, outside, and after full vaccination. Can we call it “kissing” when it is filtered through two masks? Is this a legitimate effort to encourage masking by the unvaccinated? That may be justified. Is it an effort to encourage masking by the fully vaccinated? That is unjustified by any experimental evidence. Or is it merely virtue-signaling: Look what fine people we are! Do as we do and OBEY.

Prayer without God. Kissing without physical contact. You can have coffee without caffeine. But you can’t have it without coffee. That’s just tepid water. And tepid water can nourish no one. Either we put essential components back in our national life, or we won’t have a national life – because we won’t have a nation. But it will be okay, because we won’t deserve to have a nation.


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