Every Day Is Turkey Day If You’re A Turkey

By | November 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

Consider the differences between wild and domestic turkeys. Consider which type many of us have come to resemble

Wild turkeys have a strong survival instinct. But many Americans remain apathetic while an activist minority undermines the foundation of their civilization, including all vestiges of their Judeo-Christian heritage − even Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many Americans resemble domestic turkeys, not wild turkeys. But domestic turkeys are notoriously stupid and helpless. They make lousy role models.

Domestic turkeys lead thoughtless lives. They concern themselves with eating and having sex. But if marauding coyotes threaten, they ignore the danger. They try to “see the point of view” of the coyotes. They try to understand the “legitimate grievances” of the coyotes.

And if the farmer stations guard dogs to protect them, they blame the dogs for “causing trouble.” They demand that the farmer remove the guard dogs from the barnyard. After all, “Barking is not the answer.”

Even if they were capable of gratitude, domestic turkeys would not be grateful for freedom. They would only be confused by it, and would feel no gratitude to those who risk their lives to defend it.

Domestic turkeys have no idea of their fate. They trust their owner, so they expect to grow old in safety. The farmer will take them one-by-one, so the turkeys won’t notice the axe.

Worst of all, domestic turkeys are utterly unaware of their purpose in the scheme of things. Turkeys make up an important part of Thanksgiving, but they have no notion of what we should be thankful for, or to Whom we should give thanks.

Yes, the domestic turkey would be an appropriate symbol for many modern Americans. It would be more fitting than the wild turkey, and certainly more fitting than the eagle. But before we go to the trouble of redesigning our Great Seal, our military insignia, and our money, we should consider redefining ourselves.

The Deep State turkeys have been in charge of the barnyard for some time, so our first task is to clean up a really nasty mess.

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