LATimes: “Put Masks Back On And Don’t Whine.”

By | July 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

  • LATimes columnist: “Put your masks back on and don’t whine.”

Yes, the delta variant is of concern. As yet it seems to be more transmissible but no more lethal. So why should fully vaccinated persons put their masks back on, when by the grace of Newsom they just took them off?

But even if repeated masking were necessary – and this is far from proven – how does a “news” paper columnist have the gall to order citizens around as if she were a government official in an authoritarian nation? Oh wait. Maybe she is a government official in an authoritarian nation.

Maybe the mainstream media have assumed the role of the ministry of propaganda. Maybe the columnist feels – correctly – that it entirely appropriate for her to bark orders to the ignorant peasants under her command. After all, her job is to whip them into shape to be good soldiers of the Reich – pardon me, the nation.

But whatever you do, stop whining. Gratefully and cheerfully obey orders. Befehl ist Befehl.

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