This Is “War”? Anti-Vaxxers Are “Deserters”?

By | December 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Lead letter in Los Angeles Times, two days before Christmas: “This is war, and anti-vaxxers are deserters.” Note that editors, not authors, choose the titles of articles and letters. The author of the letter asserts that the unvaccinated are threats to the vaccinated. How can this be, if as Dr. Fauci says, the vaccinated can carry as much virus in their noses and throats as the unvaccinated?

But regardless of the substance of the letter, what about the title? The editors believe we are in a “war,” and the unvaccinated are “deserters.” The Uniform Code of Military Justice requires that desertion in time of war be punished with death or life imprisonment. If you doubt this, ask Private Eddie Slovik.

We have arrived at the point where not only active opponents of the regime, but also those who simply refuse unwanted medication,  are threatened with the death penalty. Oh no, not first-degree murderers, not child molesters, not rapists. They must be shown compassion and rehabilitated. But anti-vaxxers? Get rid of them.

How did we get to this point? By keeping our mouths shut and, sheep-like, going along to get along. And how did that work out? Peace on Earth, good will toward men? What an outdated concept. Now we observe Christmas by excluding opponents of vaccination and threatening them with dire consequences for their disobedience. Happy holidays!

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