France On Verge Of Chaos: A Warning

By | July 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

Read the sad tale of what is happening to France. Read about hundreds of areas controlled by Muslim gangs, where police do not go. Civilization is like pie crust: beautiful, appetizing – but fragile and thin. And just under it is hot, bubbling material that can burn you.

In France the chief problem is radical Islam. In America the chief problem is do-nothing prosecutors cooperating with drug-dealing gangs. But the net effect is similar: increasing areas of cities and suburbs controlled by criminals, where law-abiding citizens fear to go.

The question is: Can France or any nation survive as a democracy under these circumstances, or will a dictatorial regime be required to restore order? The USA us on the same road. We have not gone so far as France has along it, but we are traveling at a good pace, and soon we will face the same dilemma. The underlying problem, or course, is that a leftist elite would like nothing better than an excuse to impose a dictatorial regime.

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