Cui Bono Covid-19?

By | June 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Economic growth or decline in 2020:

  • Australia -2.4%
  • Russia -3.0%
  • USA -3.5%
  • Japan -4.8%
  • Germany -4.9%
  • Canada -5.4%
  • India -8.0%
  • France -8.2%
  • China +2.3%

Since ancient times, those investigating a crime asked cui bono, who benefits? This does not prove conclusively who committed the crime. But it does tell us whom to put at the head of the list of suspects.

The virus originated in China, as far as we know after a year and one-half of searching. The virus was spread worldwide when China allowed international flights to and from Wuhan, but stopped flights from there within China. China then profited from skyrocketing sales of masks and gloves, as well as many medicines. And as its economy grew, China profited indirectly from weakening of the economies of its chief rivals.

How to interpret these facts is up to us. But they are facts.

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