Biden’s Executive Orders Begin To Smell Tyrannical

By | October 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Southwest Airlines schedules are severely disrupted by a walkout of employees, apparently including pilots, as a protest against compulsory vaccination. The CEO announced that he is personally opposed to vaccine mandates, but President Biden’s executive order applies to all federal employees as well as contractors, which includes all airlines.

This seems to explain things on a legalistic basis, but not on a freedom basis. But even from a legal standpoint, what does this mean? The Constitution establishes the president as the head of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. He is not the head of the Legislative or Judicial Branches. He is commander-in chief of the armed forces, not of the nation, although many people including in the media make this serious error.

It should go without saying that Biden is not a monarch – we fought a bloody revolution to get ourselves out from under a monarch. Nor is Biden a dictator – we fought a bloodier war to defeat German and Japanese dictators. Nor is Biden the general secretary of the Communist Party – most Americans, though by no means all, have no desire to live under the likes of Josef Stalin.

Power may be even more addictive than drugs, and even more deadly. Drugs kill in the tens of thousands. Tyrannical governments kill in the tens of millions. Let us remember this sad history before we are condemned to repeat it.

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