Eviction Moratorium=Partial Property Expropriation

By | August 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

News report: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky proclaims 60-day extension of moratorium on residential evictions. Order covers 90% of US population.

The power of the CDC to enact such a rule was previously denied by the Supreme Court. Moreover, Congress just refused to enact it. In Goldwater v Carter, the Supreme Court noted that the power of the President is greatest when he acts with the approval of Congress. His power is less when he acts without the approval of Congress. And his power is least when he acts against the will of Congress, as in this case.

In short, the President, using the CDC as a cover, enacts a regulation that he has no power to enact. One can argue the merits of the moratorium. But one cannot argue its legality – it has none.

My uncle and aunt worked all their lives and put their children through college. They put their retirement funds into a pair of flats. They lived in the upper one and rented out the lower one. The rent paid the mortgage, property tax, utilities, and their living expenses. But what if their tenant failed to pay the rent, but could not be evicted?

An eviction moratorium is a rent moratorium. My uncle and aunt could not pay their expenses and would face foreclosure. But the foreclosure moratorium has not been extended expect for single-family homes. If my uncle and aunt were alive today, they would face foreclosure and eviction, while their tenant could remain.

Meanwhile, construction of mega-mansions continues unabated. So we expropriate the property of middle-class people who need their income to live, while we leave intact the property of the rich. You can’t call this socialism. You could call it modern feudalism. The end result of this and other policies is slow destruction of the middle class, leaving the few rich and the many poor, augmented by unrestricted immigration of people with third-grade educations.

The environmentalists tipped the hand of the Ruling Class: No single-family homes, just small apartments. No private cars, just public transit. Severe restrictions on water and power use. No family farms, just huge corporate farms with share-croppers. Yes, modern feudalism would be an appropriate name for this anti-freedom concoction. The necessary first step is to get rid of the Constitution. They’re working on that right now. If the CDC Director can overrule the Supreme Court, they can do anything they want.



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