Want To See What I’m Talking About?

By | July 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Watch this brief video. Young boy steals small American flag from someone’s front yard, contemptuously throws it on the ground, while adult woman (apparently his mother) watches approvingly. This woman is raising a spiteful, angry ingrate. The chances that he will be happy in personal life and productive in public life are slim.

Raise more ungrateful brats, get more ungrateful adults, say goodbye America, hello totalitarianism. What are the chances that this mother, and her son when he grows up, will favor compulsory vaccination and door-to-door searches for those who aren’t vaccinated or who own guns? I fear the chances are excellent.

The flag is just a piece of cloth. But if kids are taught to desecrate it, they are also taught to have contempt for the rights it represents. Some people don’t understand that. Some people do understand that and promote flag desecration for that reason.


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