Flip Phones And Flipping Defendants

By | July 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

Flip phones were out of style but may be coming back. On the contrary, flipping defendants are always in style. Who knows what information may come to light when someone faces years in prison? Honor among thieves? About as common as woolly mammoths.

Dad? Uncle? Hillary and Bill? Obama? John Kerry? Other top politicians of both parties? Lobbying for foreign governments without registering as foreign agents as required? Dealing with shady characters, some of whom may represent cartels or terrorist organizations? Hunter Biden may become a fountain – a deluge – of information.

A person – I won’t call him a man – seeks to evade responsibility for his mistress and his daughter. And that’s the guy you trust to spend years in prison rather than testify against relatives and colleagues? Really? Stay tuned.

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