Truth Doesn’t Vary With Politics

By | August 4, 2022 | 0 Comments

Wikipedia Is Restricting New Users From Editing Its “Recession” Page
NYTimes columnist Paul Krugmam writes that calling recession “recession” is “vitriolic partisanship”

In the Soviet Union, truth was what the Communist Party said today, which might be different from what it said yesterday. Shenanigans like that used to sound exotic and remote from us. Now they sound familiar.

If you think this represents progress, you’re crazy. If you think emulating totalitarians is desirable, you’re even crazier. If you think we should tolerate this devolution of truth, you should be committed – you’re a danger to yourself and others.

If a recession was two successive quarters of declining GDP yesterday, that’s what it still is today, even if the government wants to conceal rotten economic news. If gain of function research meant increasing a virus’s lethality and transmissibility yesterday, that’s what it still is today, even if Dr. Fauci funded it in Wuhan. Period. Full stop.

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