18-Year-Old Woman Shower With Biological Males? No Problem

By | July 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

Biden’s pick to replace Gen. “Thoroughly Modern” Milley as Joint Chiefs chairman, Gen. Brown, has no answer for 18-year-old woman in National Guard who must choose between showering with biological males versus resigning and not going to college. Her comfort, her human dignity, is of no account. And that’s the guy to hold our troops’ lives in his hands? “Leave no one behind” is replaced with “Get a look at her behind.”

Would you encourage your kid to enlist and serve under these jokers? Anheuser-Busch learned with Bud Light, “Go woke, go broke.” But the stakes are higher here. I fear that woke generals will ignore Dan Bongino’s First Rule: “Don’t get dead.”

What Biden’s Top Military Pick Has to Say About 18-Year-Old Woman in National Guard Required to Shower With Males

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