Physician Who Treated Ashli Babbitt Charged With Felonies

By | January 29, 2023 | 0 Comments

DOJ charges physician who treated Ashli Babbitt at the scene where Capitol Police shot her in the neck with felonies. He actually had a medical bag and was attempting to save her life when a Capitol Police officer grabbed him and shoved him away from his patient.

Well, let’s see. If this really had been an insurrection, he would be listed as medical personnel under the Geneva Convention. To assault him and prevent him from treating a critically wounded patient might even be considered a war crime. But hey, who’s counting?

Let’s just go on pretending that the 1/6 demonstrators were the first unarmed insurrectionists in world history, while the Capitol Police were unrestrained by either US or International Law. Yes, that’s much more convenient.

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