Canada Pastor Kicks Police Out Of Good Friday Services

By | April 4, 2021 | 0 Comments

Evangelical Pastor Artur Pawlowski kicks Canadian police out of church when they try to shut down Good Friday services. He calls then “Nazis” and Gestapo,” tells them to get out until they have a warrant.┬áThe pastor has a slight accent. Probably he comes from Poland or elsewhere in Eastern Europe, where people have extensive experience with both Nazi and Communist oppression: Seen it once, don’t want to see it again. Seen it twice, ready to fight to prevent it from coming here.

The church is in Calgary, Alberta. The people of Alberta occasionally discuss joining the US, because their prairie outlook and oil-rich land resemble Texas more than they resemble eastern Canada. If Pastor Pawlowski is representative of the people of Alberta, perhaps we Americans should consider joining them. Despite his accent and his Canadian citizenship. Pastor Pawlowski could give many of us a lesson in what it means to be an American. A good first step is to hate tyranny, no matter whether it comes dressed in a high-collared uniform or a white coat.

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