If We Don’t Choose, The Government Will Give Us Number Two

By | December 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Gutfeld Rips The Squad Wanting To Cancel Student Loan Debt: ‘I Pay Your Debt, Then You Gotta Pay My Mortgage’
CNBC Anchor Jim Cramer: ‘Government Has A Right To Force You To Obey’

You want to know the key difference between Right and Left? Read these two adjacent headlines. Gutfeld knows he is responsible for repaying his own debts, but refuses to be forced to repay someone else’s debts, which he had no role in incurring. He believes he is responsible for what he does, but not for what other people did in other times or other places. Of course, if he were responsible for all that, his responsibility for what he does would be reduced to the vanishing point. And that may be the point.

Cramer believes the government has the power to force you to obey…what? Masking? Lockdowns? Vaccination? But what else? If the government can force you to close your church, force you to wear a mask wherever you go (assuming you are allowed to go anywhere), force your elderly aunt to die alone, censor what you say about vaccines, close small businesses while big businesses stay open, and hold you down to get medicine you don’t want and may not need – then what are the limits to government power?

To paraphrase Dennis Prager: 1) Small government big individual, or 2) big government small individual. It’s our choice. But if we don’t choose, the government will make sure we get number two…in all senses of that word.


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