Deck the Hall with Nothing at All

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The mainstream media belittle the war on Christmas by putting it in quotes, as well as ridiculing conservatives and religious people who protest against the war. This is typical bullying, whether it is done by the schoolyard bully or by extremists of Left or Right. It goes like this: Bully those who are less aggressive, and if they complain, deny what you are doing and blame them for causing trouble.
But is the war on Christmas a figment of conservatives’ fevered imagination? Consider these news items, and then you decide:

Planned Parenthood releases “Twelve Days of Contraception” Christmas Carol.

Air Force Base removes Nativity scene when a few airmen complain. Question 1: Does this strengthen or weaken the Air Force? Question 2: Did those who instigated this action even consider Question 1?

Colleges order Christmas trees removed after a few students complain of feeling “excluded.”

School board tries to ban “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” from grade school because song mentions Santa and Christmas, and has “religious overtones.” So does “Do not steal” − must we remove that, too? Ironically, the song was written by a Jew

High-school band forbidden to play Christmas music, including “Frosty the Snowman,” even without words.

Cancer center kicks Santa out − “We don’t want to offend anyone.”

Activists protest “Keep Christ in Christmas” sign as “unconstitutional.”

Atheists displace 11 of 14 Nativity images with their own signs.

Children’s hospital stops handing out Christmas CD to patients because it mentions Baby Jesus.

Judges ban Christmas program from schools but allow Mexican Day of the Dead. This is called “diversity.”

Eight-year-old student told to draw picture about the holidays. He draws Jesus on the cross, but he is sent home for drawing a “violent” picture, and his parents are told to send him to psychotherapy. When his father complains, the father, a school custodian, has his hours cut. This is called “tolerance.”

The Christian population of Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus, continues to decline, having fallen from 85% to 12% because of continued violence, as well as discrimination by the Palestinian Authority.

Christians in Gaza Strip living in a “state of fear.” They are warned by Muslims to hold only “small, quiet” Christmas observances.

“Liberal” church stages program of “carols” with anti-Israel lyrics. The massive contradiction escapes the organizers.

School children are taught to sing a hymn to Barack Obama, though carols are forbidden. Who, then, are the children to regard as their Savior?

Hebron, burial place of Abraham, now has 130,000 Muslims, 530 Jews, and three Christians. The trend is clear. The plan is to make all Israel judenrein – that is, “cleansed” of Jews, with perhaps a few token Christians allowed to remain in subservient positions, subjected to discrimination. The same thing is happening in other areas of the Mideast, though the media pretend not to notice.

Schools, government offices and businesses ban Christmas trees and carols. A National Public Radio commentator apologizes for merely saying the word “Christmas” on TV, as if it were a curse word. It’s too bad Christmas isn’t a failing business − then the government might bail it out.

US Postal Service ad for “holiday stamps” includes Kwanzaa, Hanukkah — but not Christmas.

Stores ban Salvation Army Santas, while school replaces Baby Jesus in Nativity scene with Frosty the Snowman. Meanwhile, Urban Outfitters’ Christmas catalog is laced with obscenities – because it “targets teenagers and young adults.”

Hawaii bans high-school Christmas concert that collected funds for African children because tickets were sold in a church.

Dean orders Christmas tree removed from law school lobby after student complains of feeling “excluded.”

Employees told to say “Happy holidays,” not “Merry Christmas.”

As they say in late-night TV commercials, but wait – there’s more:

Planned Parenthood, which receives taxpayer funds, offered holiday gift certificates for its birth-control services, including abortion. Mark Steyn suggested including a greeting card showing an empty manger – which may be the real purpose.

The war on Christmas is largely one-sided. However, there is some activity from the other side. For example, take this “ACLU Solstice Barn,” constructed by conservative students at the University of Texas. It parodies what liberals are trying to do.
Note Gary and Joseph instead of Mary and Joseph. We also have Stalin, Lenin, and Marx as the Three Wise Men, a shepherd wearing a suicide-bomb belt, and Nancy Pelosi as an angel – but, of course, no Baby Jesus. An empty manger inspires no one, which is the object of the war on Christmas.

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