We Have Gone Bananas On Health

By | February 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

In the film “Bananas” Woody Allen depicts a tin-pot dictator who goes health-crazy. He orders everyone to wear their underwear on top of their clothes, so police can check that they change it daily. The idea was too nutty even for Allen & the joke fell flat.

But now the idea seems less insane. Lockdown for a year? Wear masks when alone outdoors, wear 2 masks, wear 3. Wear masks between each bite of food. Block weddings, funerals. Control all aspects of human life. Close schools for a year while admitting immigrants in desperate need of education. Require testing of citizens returning from abroad but not of immigrants from crowded camps.

Sorry, Woody, for doubting your humor. If Dr Fauci ordered us to wear our underwear over our clothes, many would comply–and yell at those who refused. Indeed we have gone bananas.

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