14 Gallons Of Gas Cost $106, But Hey, I’m Okay In My Government Limo

By | March 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

Just gassed up car in L.A. 14.135 gal = $106.85. Only a short time ago, I could have gassed up a 26-gallon Suburban for less. At $7 a gallon people grumble. At $8 they curse. At $9 they turn quiet. And at $10 a gallon they react, perhaps violently.

Didn’t consider that, did they? Didn’t discuss that in the august chambers of the Fed when they ignited inflation. Didn’t take that into account when Biden cancelled pipeline, blocked fracking and drilling, ended US energy independence, guaranteed high energy prices.

Didn’t understand that high gas and diesel prices cause high prices of everything including food. Didn’t realize they were messing with the lives of real people. Or just didn’t care.

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