Virus Tests For Returning Americans, Not For Illegal Immigrants?

By | October 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

Starting Nov. 8, US citizens and legal residents returning to the US from abroad will have to present a negative Covid virus test. For unvaccinated travelers the test must be done within 1 day, and for vaccinated travelers within 3 days. Repeat: Vaccinated travelers will still need a negative test to be allowed to return home to the US.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants continue to pour across the southern border. We can no longer call it our border, since we do not control it. Few of these immigrants are receiving virus tests, and apparently none are being vaccinated. So why do they not need vaccination or virus tests, while returning US citizens and legal residents must have them?

If vaccination and virus tests are not essential for health purposes, what do they accomplish? Exercise of government power? Proof of subservience and sheep-like obedience? Arbitrary and capricious are terms that lawyers use to describe unjust actions. But these words only serve to further inflate the egos of government officials: “Look how arbitrary and capricious I am! I can get away with anything.”

File under I for Irrational. Cross-file under E for Equal justice under law, not.

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