Self-Driving Car Problems

By | March 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Self-driving car problems:1) Car behind slow truck on 2-lane road. Driver drops back, accelerates to pass. Car slams on brakes to avoid rear-ending truck – can’t understand passing maneuver. If there were another vehicle behind, could have caused serious crash.
2)  Car on 2-lane road. Wide RV coming other way. Driver moves to edge of road to give clearance. Car moves back to center of lane, wants to keep in lane – can’t understand risk of head-on.
3) Car crashes into semi turning left. Lidar blinded by sun reflection. Also blinded by rain, snow, fog. I lose my license if I can’t see well. So should self-driving car.
Lesson: Don’t use uninformed drivers to beta-test imperfect devices. Don’t perform dangerous experiments on public roads – and on public.


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