Group Guilt Leads To Auschwitz

By | July 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

There are two basic legal-ethical systems: 1) I am responsible for what I do. 2) I am responsible for what anybody who looks like me does, or what anybody in my religious or ethnic group does, or what my ancestors did, or what anybody who looked like my ancestors did, or…and so on.

The people who follow system 1) built the Houses of Parliament in London, and the Capitol in Washington, and the Empire State Building, and Dodger Stadium. The people who follow system 2) built KKK burning crosses, and the Gulag, and Mao’s reeducation camps, and Pol Pot’s killing fields, and Auschwitz.

If history teaches anything – and these days that is questionable – it is that once people are blamed for what they themselves did not do, Gulags appear, and ultimately body bags pile up.

But people today do not study history. They believe the world began when they were born. How could anything important have happened without them? And even if a few do study history, it is history written by leftists that gives an entirely warped perspective. They are taught that we call Beethoven and Shakespeare great because they were White men, not because they were great artists. People who learn that in school or college naturally believe that system 2) is just dandy.

We have been warned. If we are too stupid to learn from frightful lessons like the Gulag, Mao’s reeducation camps, and Auschwitz, we are too stupid to live in a free nation, or perhaps too stupid to live at all. That’s not an alarm clock you hear. It’s a fire bell. Wake up before the whole house is in flames.


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