Socialism Works!

By | July 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

This cartoon is thought provoking but not quite correct. In fact, 1000 years of capitalism produced the wealth that socialists now redistribute according to their own notions of equity and inclusivity. Only in that limited sense does socialism work.

Far from being modern, socialism was and is practiced by primitive tribes. Families had their own huts or tents, but farm and hunting land was held in common. The Plymouth Colony did this for the first few years – and nearly starved. They then divided the land among families and prospered. Socialism is not the wave of the future, but a relic of the tribal past. It works only as seasoning on food produced by capitalists. It may make things more palatable but cannot sustain life.

In its 72 years of existence, how many new medicines or treatments did the Soviet Union invent? Hint: Answer begins with Z. Superb weapons, yes. People like Kalashnikov were free to innovate. But medical research was not a priority. The UK and Austria were centers of medical innovation, but no more. You see my point.


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