Force Baker To Create What He Finds Offensive?

By | June 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

You disagree with Christian baker Jack Phillips? You think he should be forced to decorate (not just bake) cakes celebrating same-sex marriage and gender transition? Okay, where would you draw the line? Would you:

  • Force Irish baker to bake cake for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday with Union Jack icing?
  • Force Armenian baker to bake cake decorated with Turkish flag icing?
  • Force Jewish baker to bake cake saying “Happy birthday Adolf” with swastika?
  • Force Black baker to bake cake celebrating Dec. 24 birthday of KKK?

Dr. King staged sit-ins at Southern lunch counters to force them to serve Blacks, but he did not try to dictate what food they served. He fought to open their doors, not to control their menus. You can force a baker to serve all comers. That’s fairness. You cannot force him to create what he finds offensive or immoral. That’s totalitarian.

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