Putin Rips Detention Of Jan. 6 Protesters

By | June 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Putin Rips Detention of Jan. 6 Protesters, Accuses US Government of Assassinating Ashli Babbitt.

If you want to stand beside the Statue of Liberty and criticize a would-be tyrant like Putin, don’t hold political dissidents in solitary confinement for 5 months without bail, awaiting trials that may not come for many more months.

Don’t shoot an unarmed, unthreatening woman to death without explanation.

Don’t charge people with trespassing when Capitol Police invited them in.

Don’t charge people with rioting when an unlawful assembly was not announced.

Don’t make a bad joke of “Innocent until proven guilty.”

Don’t keep them in the decrepit DC Jail while allowing the rioters of Washington, Minneapolis, and Seattle to go free without penalties.

Don’t make the Supreme Court Building motto of “Equal Justice Under Law” a hollow mockery.

Don’t hand Putin a golden opportunity to make America look bad – that is, unless you intend to make America look bad.


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