Peter Singer, “Bioethicist” – Kill Babies, Not Cattle

By | July 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

LATimes carries an opinion piece condemning eating red meat because of its supposed effect on climate change, and also because of the inhumane treatment of animals. That’s not the problem. The problem is that the article was written by Dr. Peter Singer.

Peter Singer, PhD, professor of “bioethics” at Princeton, teaches that it is permissible to kill malformed or unwanted babies up to a month old, later increased to up to three years old. What’s more, this “expert” compared the moral value of a baby to that of a fish.

Recall that this has nothing to do with abortion. It even has nothing to do with babies born alive after “failed” abortion. Singer was referring to actual babies up to a month old, who are malformed or simply unwanted or inconvenient. But what’s next?

Do you really think that our downhill slide has ended? Downhill slides don’t end unless we find something firm to hold onto. Call it the Bible. Call it Judeo-Christian values. Call it whatever you like. But recognize that without something firm to hold onto, our downhill slide will continue.

You are free to get your values wherever you like. But please, don’t get them from Peter Singer. If we can’t agree that infanticide is wrong, there really isn’t much hope for us.

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