“Kink Culture” For Kids? Why Not?

By | July 9, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Washington Post – aka the Amazon Bezos Post – carried an opinion piece advocating exposing children, even small children, to “kink culture.” Read the article to discover what progressives believe is good for kids to see.

What people do in their own bedrooms is their business. What people do parading on public streets is everybody’s business. What people expose small children to is the business of the Department of Children’s Services, or whatever they call child protection in your area. And ultimately, it is the business of moral and religious individuals, if you can find any.

But don’t call these jerks leftists. Yes, they pay lip-service to socialism or even communism. But in reality, they live in expensive houses and drive nice cars. They say, “The system is corrupt, so let’s get all we can while we can.” But real leftists like the Soviet Union were strong law-and-order types. Try looting a store under Stalin? You’d be lucky to be arrested. You’d also be lucky to find a store with anything worth looting.

Real leftists were puritanical in sexual matters. They banned pornography and viewed Playboy and Hustler as decadent. Homosexuality was outlawed, not to mention “kink culture.” Someone who exposed kids to it would end up in the Gulag.

So if they are not real leftists, what are they? Anarchists comes close. They are demolition contractors who have assigned themselves the job of dismantling our nation brick by brick. No, not assigned themselves – been assigned. By whom? The elite who hate America, because it is the chief impediment to totalitarianism. Anarchy is temporary. It leads to totalitarianism, which lasts a lifetime – your lifetime.


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