Trudeau Is A Strikebreaker

By | February 18, 2022 | 0 Comments
What do you call it when workers get together for better conditions? A STRIKE. What do you call one who harasses & arrests them & threatens their jobs? A STRIKEBREAKER. We used to be sympathetic to strikers & despise strikebreakers. Trudeau is a strikebreaker.
Trudeau is no different, except for his stylish hairdo, from the industrialists of the past who hired thugs to beat up strikers. So how can it possibly be “progressive” to support what he is doing? Oh wait, now I see. Communists like Stalin and Castro forbade independent labor unions, and allowed only government=controlled so-called unions. Yes, that explains the silence of “progressives” at Trudeau’s anti-worker program. Leftists never miss an opportunity to show themselves as the oppressors they claim to be fighting.

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