Legal Analyst: Arrest Trump For What He Might Do

By | August 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

News report: NBC “legal analyst” insists Attorney General Garland should arrest Trump because Trump is planning “insurrection 2.0.”

So there it is, right in front of us. An attorney expert enough in the law to be an advisor to a major network proposes that an ex-president – or anyone – be arrested not for something he did, but for something they think he might do. These are the same people who push to release felons from prison despite what they actually did, but now want to imprison someone for what he might do.

This isn’t the America I was born in. This isn’t the America I learned about in high school civics class. This isn’t the America where Master Sergeant Lee, with World War II decorations, taught us to do the manual of arms with an M1 Garand. This isn’t the America where our family friend, attorney Wayne Collins, had defended traitor Tokyo Rose and saved her from a death penalty.

This isn’t that America at all – nothing like it. Oh, the flag and National Anthem are the same, though we now tolerate disrespect for them, disrespect that in my day would have gotten a good smack. School kids and college students are taught to despise the country Master Sergeant Lee fought and bled to preserve. They are taught that the country is rotten to the core, and must be totally demolished and rebuilt to socialist specifications. They are taught that men can become women and women can become men, but that the color of the outer few millimeters of skin is all-important.

They are taught that their past was shameful and their future is doubtful. No wonder suicides in young people are increasing.

No, this is a pseudo-America, a Potemkin village America, a movie set America, with pretty facades but with nothing behind them. This is a place where “legal analysts” talk openly about jailing political opponents for what they might do. When the elite start acting like Stalin or Mao, now are you worried? Will you sit on your sofa, munching snacks and watching the game? Or will you get up, put down your beer, and become politically active while it is still permitted?

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