Rittenhouse Myths Lies

By | November 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Some people talk about the “myths” that are being spread about the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Wrong. Myths are stories that grow up over generations, in order to celebrate heroes or explain natural phenomena. But these stories were concocted by propaganda-filled media and dishonest politicians, in order to defame Rittenhouse and discredit self-defense. They are LIES.

• At 17 Rittenhouse was to young to own a rifle. Not according to the laws of Wisconsin or most states.
• It was illegal to own a semiautomatic rifle, incorrectly called an “assault weapon.” Not according to the laws of Wisconsin or most states, or according to federal law.
• Semiautomatic rifles are weapons of war. No, military rifles are fully automatic.
• Semiautomatic rifles are especially destructive. No, they fire the same ammunition as old-fashioned bolt-action rifles, in this case .223 caliber, which is too low-powered for deer hunting in many places.
• It was illegal to bring a rifle across state lines. No, Americans have a constitutional right to travel. Even if you bring a firearm into a state like anti-gun California, you must register it if it is legal, or surrender it if it is illegal, but merely bringing it in is no crime.
• Reportedly Rittenhouse stored his rifle in a safe in Kenosha, in the home of his friend’s father, and did not bring it across state lines in any case.
• It is illegal to carry a rifle openly. No, it is not in Wisconsin, and how exactly could one conceal it?
• Carrying the rifle provoked the attacks on him. One can’t read the minds of the attackers, but criminals are deterred from attacking someone who is armed. They prefer to attack the unarmed, as reason and statistics tell us.
• Carrying a firearm prevents you from claiming self-defense. If this absurd statement were true, the only people who could legally defend themselves would be those unable to do so, the unarmed.
• The violence was caused by the law-abiding citizen who was armed, not by the rioters, looters, and arsonists who also were armed. To believe this is to believe that defensive violence is worse than offensive violence, a total perversion of both legal and moral thinking.

So let’s call the garbage statements about the Rittenhouse case what they are: LIES. And what do we call people who habitually tell lies? LIARS.

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