Leftism Is A Cult

By | September 8, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Female columnist: No sympathy for Melania, thinks she got what she deserved when FBI pawed through her clothes, underwear. No sympathy for wife of Republican, who apparently is not covered by feminism.

• Lawyer columnist: Special master not needed, FBI can decide for itself which Mar-a-Lago papers are privileged. No sympathy for attorney-client privilege, without which criminal defendants cannot get a fair trial.

• Caller: Teacher got in bed with 1st, 2nd graders in sleep-over. Parents outraged at teacher. But found out complainer is Republican, turned on him, made excuses for teacher.

Leftism is a cult: Program kids, distance them from parents, side with fellow cultists no matter what they do. If you doubt this, ask yourself: What could Biden do to make leftists vote Republican? Answer: Nothing, no matter how bad. At worst they would not vote at all. File under F for Fanaticism. Cross-file under S for Self-destructive.

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