Either The Elite Rule Or We Do

By | April 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

What do you call this process?

  1. Democrats and mainstream media (but I repeat myself) fabricate lies about Georgia election law: Can’t give water to voters, Jim Crow on steroids, etc.
  2. President Biden uses these lies to pressure MLB into removing All-Star Game from Georgia.
  3. Georgians lose tens of millions of dollars in cancelled hotel reservations, lost sales.
  4. Constitution gives state legislatures power to regulate elections, so opponents of law are in fact anti-democratic.
  5. But opponents of law call Georgians “anti-democratic” for following Constitution.
  6. Other businesses consider following MLB’s lead and boycotting Georgia.
  7. Proponents of election reform in other states hesitate, for fear they too will be boycotted.
  8. Nationwide movement for election reform may be stalled
  9. Lies and bullying overcome the democratic process of making laws.

You could call this sad state of affairs incipient totalitarianism. You could call it budding fascism. You could call it the elite overruling what ordinary people want. You could call it classical bullying. You could call it salsa dancing. But whatever you call it, we must recognize that such shenanigans are incompatible with freedom. Either the people rule through their elected representatives according to the Constitution, or the elite rule according to their whims. Our choice.

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