Governing With No Moral Code

By | July 9, 2021 | 0 Comments
  • Soros-Funded Groups Call on Biden to Ignore China’s Human Rights Abuses in Order to Fight Climate Change.
  • HHS Secretary Becerra Insists It’s the Government’s Business to Go Door-to-Door to Discover Who Is Not Vaccinated.

Do you see how these two news reports are connected?

Some people have a moral code. They decide whether to do something or not depending on whether it complies with that code. These are the people we hope to find, so they can be our friends. These are the people we hope to find, so they can be our colleagues at work, or better still, our buddies in the armed services or on the cops or fire department.

But other people have no moral code, or at best one so weak as to be irrelevant. These are the “friends” who are too busy to help when we need them. These are the coworkers who shun us if they suspect we are out of favor with the boss. These are the buddies who don’t have our backs when trouble comes.

And these are the people who, regrettably, tend to rise high in bureaucracies. China’s human rights record stinks, especially regarding Uighurs and dissidents? No matter. China can help to fight global warming. But China is one of the worst polluters. Is it the climate the elite seek to protect, or their investments? Don’t ask.

The Constitution, laws, and medical ethics require informed consent for treatment, and also require privacy of medical records. No matter. We need to be sure everyone gets the vaccine. But is this to advance public health, or to increase the power of the ruling elite? Don’t ask.

In fact, don’t ask any questions at all. Just shut up and do as you are told, like good little subjects. In fact. the moral code is like the Morse Code – little used any longer and virtually obsolete. Best to forget about it.

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