Parents Have No Say In Their Children’s Education?

By | December 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Nikole Hannah-Jones. Founder of NY Times 1619 Project: Parents Shouldn’t Decide What’s Being Taught To Their Children In Schools.

The 1619 Project claims, incorrectly, that the American Revolution occurred because Americans wanted slavery while Britain was going to abolish it. In fact, Britain abolished slavery in 1834, not 1776, an error of 58 years. But what’s 58 years if you’re a good leftist?

She, and many progressives like her, declare that parents have no right to decide what their children are taught in public schools. The people pay for the schools and employ the teachers, but have no say in what they teach? Like all cults, leftism strives to distance children from their parents – that is, unless the parents are also members of the cult.

Indoctrinating children quite apart from their parents is nothing new. Russian Communists and German Nazis set the example. If you doubt this, look up Pavlik Morozov. The 13-year-old was taught to obey Stalin. He learned his lesson so well that he reported his father to the police for the crime of hoarding enough grain to feed the family. For this his father was shot. Pavlik didn’t do well, despite being a good student. Relatives stabbed him death. But the Soviet leaders thought so well of the little snitch that they issued postage stamps in his honor.

So perhaps you will understand that when I see people like Nikole Hannah-Jones, I also see the little Pavlik Morozovs they aim to produce.

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