National Review Overcome By Trump Hatred

By | July 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

National has been anti-Trump from the beginning. Nothing he does meets their standards. But now trump derangement syndrome reaches crisis level. A leading article on NR the website Wednesday is titled, “Trump Is The New O.J.” The former president, and quite possibly the next president, is compared to a double murderer.

But not any double murderer, a killer who reportedly cut the throat of his ex-wife Nicole, the mother of his two children, so deeply that the knife scored a vertebra and nearly decapitated the woman. Blood ran down the front steps like a waterfall. What did Trump do that remotely compares to that horror?

Such deep hatred is frightening and must have deep sources. Trump must have really rattled the establishment’s hubris and sense of entitlement to the point that all reason and sense of proportion is lost. Such haters are repulsive and dangerous.

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