Trump Should Pass The Torch?

By | May 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Headline in conservative website: “For The Good Of The Country, Donald Trump Should Pass The Torch.”

As a lawyer would say, this assumes something not in evidence. It assumes that Trump should pass on a torch he was handed in the first place. He wasn’t. He found it lying in the gutter. He picked it up and ran with it.

And it assumes something else not in evidence. It assumes that Trump has the power to choose who carries the torch next. He doesn’t. We do – you know, the people. If we want Trump, he will continue to carry the torch. And if we want DeSantis or someone else, he (or she) will. The idea that a leader chooses his successor is fundamentally authoritarian. That’s how leaders in Third World countries are chosen.

We chose Trump, and we will choose his successor, if any. That’s how we do things here. Thought you knew that.

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