Are We Responsible For the Results Of Our Actions?

By | June 10, 2021 | 0 Comments
  • Biden administration opens border. In addition to a humanitarian crisis, this results in increased amounts of illicit drugs crossing the border, as well as increased numbers of trafficked women and children.
  • Biden administration stops Keystone XL pipeline, stops fracking and drilling on federal land including in Alaska. As a result, US will no longer be energy independent, while Russia, Iran, and China increase oil production and drilling – and even coal mining. Thus world CO2 production will not fall and may even increase.
  • Biden administration and progressive state and city governments defund, demoralize, and disempower police. As a result, violent crimes including homicide increase, in some places dramatically.

To make my point, imagine that a woman’s car breaks down in a deserted area. Imagine a man drives by and offers her a ride. Reluctantly she accepts and asks the man to take her to the service station on 14th Street. As the man drives, the woman reads off the street signs: 19th, 20th, 21st and so on. She says, “Aren’t we going the wrong way?”

The man ignores her and continues driving. At what point will the woman realize that this is not a mistake, and the man is intentionally taking her in the wrong direction – for what purpose she does not know? At what point does the woman prepare to open the door and jump out as soon as the driver slows down – and even if he doesn’t?

That is, at what point does the woman assume the man intends to go the wrong way, despite his assurances? And at what point do we assume that progressives intend to achieve what is now occurring?

Illegal immigration increases, while drug cartels and human traffickers profit hugely.

American energy production and jobs decline, while Russia, China, and Iran benefit, and world CO2 production doesn’t decrease by one gram.

Policing is “reimagined,” while violent crime rises sharply and victims suffer.

Only God can see our hearts. All we can do is watch what people do. At some point, like the woman in the car, we have a right to assume the driver intends to be going the wrong way. In fact, we have a duty to assume that, and act accordingly.



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