Prominent Pro-Life Priest Defrocked

By | December 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

Prominent pro-life Father Frank Pavone defrocked (suspended from priesthood) by Pope Francis for disobeying his bishop and using “g*ddamn” in media. Latter is misunderstanding of Commandment not to take Lord’s name in vain. It means to do evil in His name. Besides, if one sincerely believes people‚Äôs actions subject them to damnation, the word is no longer a curse but a description.

So prominent Catholics continue to express and vote for pro-abortion measures. and remain in good standing, but the pro-life priest is defrocked. And there we have it.
It remains to be seen what was Pavone’s worst sin, disobeying his bishop or befriending Trump? It also remains to be seen who will be damaged more by this action, Pavone or Francis?

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