Elite School: Biracial Student Is “Too White”

By | March 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Elite L.A. prep school questions student about deeply personal matters including race, religion, and sexual preference. When he refuses to admit his “White dominance” he receives a failing grade. In protest his mother removes him from the school. So far this disgraceful episode is infuriating enough.

Now consider that the student is biracial and his single mother is Black. When he pointed out these facts to the teacher, heĀ  was told that he still had to confess his “White dominance” because he looked “too White.” This is not speculation – I heard his mother being interviewed.

Question students in public about sensitive matters? Order them to confess “White dominance”? Then go so far as to tell a biracial student he is “too White,” thereby insulting him and devaluing his Black mother? This is intolerable. So why do we tolerate it? Why do we continue to send our most precious gifts, our children, to be exposed to such destructive garbage? Just because it will help them get into elite universities, where they will be exposed to even more destructive garbage?

We complain about how many public schools have deteriorated into leftist indoctrination centers. Sadly, the same is true of many elite private and even religious schools. But here we have a hill worth fighting on.


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